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December 4, 2012
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Expressive Arts Teacher - Fausta-Jean Roland by digipup Expressive Arts Teacher - Fausta-Jean Roland by digipup
This page also serves as a roleplaying page for the Expressive Arts class.

(( Oh look, an app with good art?
Well, it's not mine. Everything in this app was drawn by :icondestinyfall:. Go check her out, her art is wonderful [obviously!] I'll probably have her draw my characters again sometime... ))

Name: Madame Fausta-Jean Roland (Pronounced, roughly, 'Fow-stuh John'. It's French.)

Glamor Name: Marie Latimer

Actual Age: 259 years

Glamor Age: 39, but it's really very difficult to tell from just looking at her face. She really appears ageless.

Monster Species: Spirit; not so much a species as a unique, restless dead person. She is a headless horseman, very similar to said character from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, cousin to Dullahans.

Height: 5 feet, 9 inches in her human form; her monster form would be the same if she had a head. Her horse stands a massive 16 hands tall.

Weight: Unknown

Voice Sample: Not Applicable

:new: Theme Song: "Shadow of the Moon" by Blackmore's Night ( [link] )

Grade: Teacher of the Expressive Arts class

Natural Weapons:
- Her horse’s hooves can pack a hefty punch.
- Physically, Fausta-Jean is literally a “solid ghost”; she is capable of shifting all or parts of herself into an intangible, invisible substance and walking right through most types of material.
- Most magic effects and artificial substances have a dulled effect on her, or wear off more quickly. Anesthesia wears off too fast to be useful. Pain is slashed in half. She is also completely unaffected by hypnotizing/mind-control spells because she literally doesn't have a brain /shot.
- Although she doesn't use the ability very much, Fausta-Jean has slight telekinetic abilities when she and her horse are together. The closer they are to one another physically, the farther she can reach with the ability (reaching a max of about ten yards.) She can open or close doors/gates/windows, stand up pencil containers, and move other small objects around. She can also smack you with small sharp inanimate objects (like tacks...), so be careful.
- She has no blood; while she can feel pain and be hindered by wounds from blades, they will heal themselves in a fairly short amount of time (severed limbs will not regenerate.)
- She doesn't need to breathe, so she can't drown.

Trained Weapons:
- Expert in swordplay

- She cannot be in her monster form during daylight hours (although her horse can), or she will fade from existence entirely. Ordinarily, she would have to return to a certain churchyard during the day, but her glamour negates that effect; for this reason she conducts her class in the evening.
- Gold: she cannot pass through it, she cannot touch it or get past it with telekinesis, and wounds inflicted with it will not regenerate. This is also the only type of metal that can kill her as it would a human, when used as a weapon.
- Her natural magic resistance has no effect against light magic.
- She is mute in both her glamour and monster forms, and writes her messages on a tablet and pen (or on a chalkboard or powerpoint, when teaching her class)
- She is not a very magical creature. Spells and incantations are fairly foreign to her, and what she doesn't have naturally she finds extremely difficult to learn.

Major Skills:
- Swordplay. She's a great fencer and very light on her feet, though she doesn't really talk about it much.
- Ignoring everything. Honestly, she is very detached and unaffected by circumstances, and her general resistance to injury adds to that. She's not like a cactus just standing around doing its thing and looking formidable against the sky, but it takes a lot to get a reaction out of her. She just... doesn't care.

Minor Skills:
- Speaks/writes English and French
- Good at negotiating with undead/spirits and the occasional demon
- Excellent horseback rider, traditional or sidesaddle

Character Background:
Fausta-Jean is silent on the area of her past, but she has a lengthy one that some people these days may be familiar with. Ask her if you're that curious about it... Or just wait until someone interrupts her monotone and somewhat reclusive existence.
Among many legends concerning her species are stories of the Dullahans from Irish Celtic folklore, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, stories from the Brothers Grimm, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and various German tales.

- Calm, aloof, and collected. Self-confident to a fault; she tends to keep a mental tab of who she owes favors to, and for this reason she dislikes having to accept help from others.
- Critical and somewhat unsympathetic. She says things exactly as she sees them, and doesn't care who hates her for it.
- Occasionally a little malevolent in intent; scaring people neither pricks her conscience nor gains her pity.
- Very well-read and refined; when not terrorizing people on horseback, holds herself in a high-born manner and has the poise of an aristocrat.
- Barely interested in making friends, much less finding a lover. Unresponsive to romantic advances, though not oblivious. There is an actual reason for this; she isn't asexual.
- Eloquent in her writing; would be in speech as well if she had a mouth, but for timesaving purposes she keeps short what she writes out during conversation.
- Bears little genuine interest in humans.
- She calls all students by their glamour names. You can call her whatever you want.
- She carries a riding crop that she’s never used on her horse. Watch out, students.

Glamor: Her pumpkin head; she basically just places it where her head would normally be, and it sticks by magic. Don't try to knock it off; that's not as easy as it sounds, and you might get stabbed in the gut.
Her transformation is pretty cool, too - when she places the Jack-o-Lantern in her headspace, the candle flame flares out in the shape of her hair before she fully turns.

- Fausta-Jean has no need to eat or drink, but will occasionally do so in her human form at social gatherings to be polite.
- She also doesn't need to sleep. She only does it to pass the time, but normally she can be found up and about at any hour of the day.
- In her human form, Fausta-Jean rarely shows much emotion. She will smile or frown a little on occasion, but due to living over two hundred years without a head, expressing things with her face is a skill all but forgotten to her. Her body language is prominent, however, and she is swift and dynamic to express herself in that way.
- Her horse is actually a demon that has taken on the form of a horse. The only people in the Academy who know this are the Headmistress, and Fausta-Jean herself. His name is Phlippon.
- Phlippon's glamour works in an inverse way to the typical glamour of Monster Academy. His glamour item is a bridle – instead of putting it on to shift to his glamour form (which would make it impossible to remove), it has to be taken off. It dissolves in thin air as he shrinks down to his glamour form. To shift back to his monster form, his chess piece needs to be simply dropped on the ground or a floor, and he will be wearing the bridle again when he shifts.
- Phlippon also helps out in the M.P.E class! He's the guinea pig when Jheiss teaches horseback riding. He acts just like any other totally normal horse.... but be careful, because he will buck off students he doesn't like (namely, those that need attitude adjustments. Or demons, he'll throw demons too.)
- Fausta-Jean is actually capable of a lot more power than she dares to use. This will be explained when I finally come out with her backstory, which is in progress!

I LOVE roleplaying. This character isn't exactly the best for that (antisocial wench...) but I can never turn down an offer for RP. Bring it on!

I also love when people draw my characters! Fausta-Jean has been drawn here... [link] [link]
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Wilky: A Head for a horse,
A head for a horse,
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She brings with her a grim fate.
Run sons of man,
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You cannot escape the dreaded horseman.

Keh keh keh...
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The headless horseman rides tonight
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Shattering the silence
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she races through the darkness
on her black and sable steed
The headless horseman rides tonight
where the fates would lead.

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